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Maximilien in the Market

I’d lived in Seattle for years before I realized there was a little gem of a restaurant tucked in between the butcher and the tea shop in Pike Place Market.  I don’t remember what finally prompted me to take a look – I think it was a benefit event – but once I found this little hidden spot it became a favorite. 
Maximilien is a French café staffed by mainly French expats, it seems.  I seem to spend most of my time there in the upstairs bar with the lovely view of the sound and on out to West Seattle.   I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’d never realized that they also have a rooftop deck that is perfect for summer weather happy hours.  Between the time it took me to find them in the first place and our normal Seattle weather that keeps us indoors so many months of the year, I should have suspected there might be more to the story.  But now I’ve learned and I’m so glad I have. 
Seattle is lacking, I think, in places with outdoor seating that take advantage of the gorgeous west view.  In my head I know that an investment of that sort in a city that sees so few days suitable for outdoor dining is an extravagance, but my heart still hopes for them every time the skies are clear and the temperatures rise into the 60s.  So it was with great surprise and pleasure I realized I’d been missing an opportunity.
A friend and I arrived at Happy Hour on Friday night.  If you go, make sure you get there by 5:00 pm as the outdoor seating fills quickly.
Sunbrellas dot the deck in a jaunty asymmetrical pattern.  Every table has a view but those just along the outer wall or one row back definitely have the advantage.  The Happy Hour has eight items priced at $2.95 or you can get all eight for a flat $20 – now that’s a nice deal.  Servings are small but still generous enough that a couple make a meal.  We ordered three items between the two of us and didn’t finish everything.  There are also specials on drinks.  The best deals are the wine, I think.  I ordered a couple of the French Martinis which are tasty but during Happy Hour seem to be a little short on the vodka. 
In addition to Happy Hour the deck is open for lunch and dinner. 
Pike Place Market
81A Pike Street
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