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Annual Summer Brunch

For the last several years I’ve held a Summer/Spring brunch just for the ladies.  Although Pacific Northwest weather is not known for reliably sunny days at this time of year I lucked out again this year.  Actually it wasn’t sunny per se, but it was dry and warm enough to be outside. 
My friends started arriving at 10:00.  As they came in I sent them out to the deck where I’d set up tables with coffee, tea and an assortment of sparkling beverages including sparkling wine, sparkling lemonade, Pellegrino and, not sparkling but festive, rosé.   Everyone gathered on the deck greeting those they knew and meeting those they did not. 
About 10:30 a couple friends helped me get all the serving dishes on the table and then everyone took a seat.  The next couple of hours were spent eating and chatting and laughing.  It was a pretty prefect Sunday morning. 

2009 Ladies’ Summer Brunch

Make your own Sparkling Beverage

Mini Lemon-Poppy Muffins

Sliced Fruit with Honey-Sweetened Crème Fraiche

Chicken-Mushroom Crepes

Ham-Asparagus Crepes

Grilled Chicken-Apple Sausage

Cheddar-Dill Scones

Haricots Verts with Bacon & Onions

Mixed Greens

Strawberry-Rosé Sorbet

Lavender or Thyme Shortbread 



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