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Step Two: Making Limoncello – Checking in

A couple of weeks ago I started a batch of homemade limoncello using Meyers lemons that I found at my local Costco.  Today it was time to take a peek at the concoction to see how it was doing.  Our goal is to wait until most of the color has leeched from the zest.  As you can see the zest is still brightly colored, although it’s not as bright orange as it was to start.  The vodka is beginning to gain a bit of a yellow tint.  That tint is hard to see in the photos – I should have placed something white in the background to make it easier to distinguish. 
So, it’s coming along but still needs more time.  At this point we just need to let it sit longer.  I’m going to let it go another two weeks until March 24th.  Check back then for the update! 

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