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Time to get back to the markets

It’s a gorgeous day here in Seattle. Crisp and sunny, although darkish clouds temper a completely blue sky. I made my way to the U-District Farmers’ Market this morning. I’m very bad about winter vegetables. When fall first comes I’m excited for them and then around December I start longing for the brightly colored fruits of summer. So with renewed enthusiasm I checked out the offerings today and decided it was nice to see some things that are sometimes hidden by the brighter, sexier summer offerings.
And I think I’m ready to get back to cooking again, too. December and January seemed to have been filled with cooking for large groups and then I’d have leftovers or spare ingredients to use up for some period of time.
I brought home a box of these oyster mushrooms – I’m thinking an Mushroom-Chicken-Noodle soup of some kind might be in order. Maybe with a little ginger and some of the super-sweet baby carrots I brought home, too.  

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