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Buddha Ruksa

Buddha Ruksa is a little hard to find as it sits just past the intersection of 35th and Fauntleroy as you cross the bridge into West Seattle on an unmarked section of Genesee.  But once you find it you’ll find the place warm and welcoming.    I was there with a large group and we had so many dishes I really didn’t keep track of what was what.  All of it was decent and some dishes were really good.  The picture at the top is of a daily special, Pumpkin Curry and was excellent!  I wanted to keep it all for myself, but I did share.  And they have interesting cocktails – which always a plus! 
Service was a little hit or miss.  For instance when they took our order they didn’t ask how much heat we wanted so everything came out as one star, although we caught the error part way through the delivery and they did spice up the dishes that had not yet been delivered.  Some of us waited some time for drinks, others got them almost as soon as they sat down.  The place was busy but didn’t seemed jammed.  It may have been due to the size of the group. 
If I lived in West Seattle I could see making this a regular stop on my restaurant circuit. 
Buddha Ruksa
3520 SW Genesee Street

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