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Finger Food


One of my favorite places to find interesting and affordable snacks is Trader Joe’s.  The selection varies and they often swap out one thing for another – so don’t expect to find that perfect thing that you purchased last time you were in – but there’s always something interesting to try.  Pictured above are Thai Lime and Chili Cashews, a hot and spicy snack that is perfect with a beer or a cocktail.  These seem to come in and out of the Trader Joe’s line-up on a pretty regular basis.  Another favorite, not in the store this trip but I think will return, are the Black Pepper Cashews. 
Everytime I visit a Trader Joe’s I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt.  If you go in with that attitude you won’t be disappointed. 
Not yet nationwide, if you live on one of the coasts you are likely to find a location near you.  And they are also moving into the Mid-West.  Watch their site for more locations.   

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