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It’s not too late to grill!


The nice thing about having a gas grill is that if you have it in a protected area you can fire it up any time of year.  Even if you just use a charcoal grill it’s nice to take advantage of the sun – or at least no rain – breaks in the fall or winter weather.
This weekend I fired mine up to grill some thick cut fillet mignon and then topped the steak with a classic – sauteed mushrooms.  
Sauteed Mushrooms
Heat 1 Tbsp of butter and 1 Tbsp of olive oil in a skillet until butter is melted and starting to bubble.  Add slices of garlic and about 2 cups of thickly sliced mushrooms.  This week I used criminis, sometimes also called baby bellas, but any sort of mushroom works great.  When the mushrooms are starting to get tender but are not yet soft add 1 Tbsp of chopped woody herbs – something like thyme, oregano or rosemary – and a generous splash of red wine.  Continue sauteing until mushrooms are tender and most of the wine has evaporated. 
Top a steak or boneless chicken breast with the mixture; use as a side dish; or serve along with toothpicks as a cocktail or wine accompaniment. 

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