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It’s that time of year…


I know this is hard to hear right now.  And even harder to think about, but Monday was the first day of fall and that means before long we’ll all be deep in the parade of holidays.   I know, I know – I seem to be rushing it but only because there are some benefits that come with the season.  Lots of them really, but one I want you to take advantage of now. 
At this time of year lots of places, including Costco, are increasing their selection of foods considered to be good for entertaining or gift-giving.  So you’ll soon see, if you haven’t already, your options broaden. One area they really focus on is cheese.
Over the last couple of years Costco has really increased the cheeses they sell year round but you’ll still see a bump in inventory starting now.  Every warehouse selection varies so this isn’t really to encourage you to buy one particular type but to make sure you take a look at what’s in stock anytime you are in the warehouse or even in your local grocers. It’s a great time of year to experiment and to try something new. 

The photos in this post are of Vache de Chalais. from Provence.  I love this cheese!  It’s soft, aromatic (but not stinky!) and has a bit of a nutty flavor.  Each cheese is wrapped in chestnut leaves that have been soaked in Brandy.  Costco is selling two in a little wooden crate for the same price as I’ve seen one in the local market.  This is just one of a number of options – get out there and try something new today!

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