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Fremont Coffee Company


It was another Monday morning with a 9:00 am meeting in a coffee shop.  This time at Fremont Coffee Company located right on 36th as you make your way into the heart of Fremont from the west.
The tea was good, the coffee was good and there’s a nice selection of pastries.  You get four hours of free WiFi with purchase. And, since the coffee shop is located in an intact house, there are lots of little rooms to choose from when deciding where to sit.  We took advantage of the beautiful morning and sat on a covered deck on the east side of the building.  We were in the perfect location to catch the sun – although if we’d been there too much later it would have been very hot.  Still, it’ll be a great place to hang out on those sunny, but cool fall or early winter days. 
Fremont Coffee Company
459 N. 36th St

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