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King’s Hardware


Last night the photography group I belong to had one of our monthly meetings at a local pub.  We met at King’s Hardware in Ballard, one of the many new places that have been popping up in that little neighborhood over the last couple of years.  Every time I go to Ballard it seems that new places appear and my list of "places to try" keeps getting longer.  So I was glad the group headed to King’s last night – one place I can check off the list! 
King’s has actually been around a couple of years now.  It’s a really great space, warmed by the wood tables, chairs and booths with lots of funky stuff decorating the walls which could provide hours of viewing exploration.

I arrived a bit before the bulk of the group so that I could check out the food before diving into the conversation and general rambunctiousness that accompanies these events. I sat at the bar with two guys who turned out to be newer members of our group who had also arrived early.  We got to know each other while I sipped Mandarin on the rocks – the pour seemed a bit on the short side – and they had beers, which are on the Happy Hour menu.  I also ordered a plate of sliders, the only food on the Happy Hour menu but since it was the thing I was interested in that worked out well. 
The sliders took their time arriving.  Apparently one of the servers had mistakenly picked up my plate to fill their order but the bartender was great about tracking it down and getting a replacement plate made up as soon as she realized what had happened.  They were great little sliders!  A couple bites of beef on nice fluffy tiny buns finished with a 1000 Island type sauce, sweet grilled onions, and crispy fresh lettuce.  Lots of folks from the group ordered and loved the sweet potato fries and the other burgers I saw delivered out all looked very good. 
King’s also has a rather unique perk.  They sit right next door to a Rudy’s Barbershop and there’s even a little door between the two.  If you arrive at Rudy’s and there’s a line, you put your name on the list, then head over to King’s to enjoy a beer while you wait.  When your turn comes up, they’ll come over and find you.   
I liked this place and will definitely be back to sit at the bar.  I think it will be especially nice on some of those gray winter evenings that we know are coming in the way too near future.  
King’s Hardware
5225 Ballard Ave

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