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Voxx Coffee


I have a home office and am always looking for good public places for business meetings.  I don’t have too many prerequisites other than the place should be conducive to conversation:  both quiet enough so you can have one and a decent seating setup so you have a little privacy.  It shouldn’t be messy – nothing worse than getting crumbs or coffee stains all over your laptop or business papers.  And free WiFi is always good, too. 
This morning I had a meeting at Voxx Coffee on Eastlake.  I love the feel of the place.  The layout is good and the furniture is handsome, yet functional; they have free WiFi and serve Stumptown coffee, as well as a small but good selection of tea.  The pastries and sandwiches looked good although I didn’t try them, and in the evenings they serve wine. 
There’s enough patron traffic that it imparts a bit of energy, yet there was plenty of seating.  The WiFi was not working when I arrived and the baristas did not have access to the router.  Eventually a manager or someone showed up and was able to reboot it and get it working.  It’s a pleasant place overall even with the little glitches.  My only issue was that there are lots of hard surfaces and so the noise seems louder than it should be.  Not great for a business conversation but fine for meeting friends or for getting out of the house to work amongst other humans.
Voxx Coffee
2245 Eastlake Ave E

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