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BBQ at Woodinville Wine Cellars


A couple of weekends ago my friend Chef Big John Caudill catered an event at Woodinville Wine Cellars.  He prepared a fabulous feast and I was along to help out a bit and to take a few photos.  It was a fun event – even if I was "working".  The band was great, as was the food (of course!).  I think what made it especially fun though were the winery volunteers who also helped out. It didn’t take us long to start laughing, while trading stories and bantering back and forth. 

Since I was working the photos are not quite complete – you won’t get to see the perfectly-grilled rare ahi, the big bowl of orzo salad, the grilled veggies (a rainbow of peppers and onions) on the platter, or any of us while we were serving those at the event.  Still the photos will show you a nice little slice of the event. 
The complete set of photos here
Chef Big John Caudill
Tasting Washington

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