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Summer Salmon


In the summer I like to make simple foods.  But simple doesn’t mean your meals need to be boring.  In fact, it’s often just the opposite!  By using what is currently available in your area you can pull together meals with minimum preparation and yet have some of the tastiest fare of the year. 
Yesterday I made salmon for dinner.  I used an Ivory King Salmon, which is actually the same as a "regular" pink King but for unknown reasons has a beautiful buttery white color.  I also think the flavor is more buttery but that is a matter of debate – some say it tastes exactly like the pink Kings. 
Either way, with this Alaskan salmon we have available at this time of year I like to make sure you can really taste the fish so I don’t do a lot to it.  Yesterday I prepared a mild teriyaki glaze (soy, brown sugar, honey, garlic and a few drops of srikacha) and just lightly basted it as it cooked on an alder plank on my grill. 
When it was finished I topped it with my finds from the morning’s trip to the farmers’ market.  I made a salsa of grilled peaches and red pepper, blueberries, young red onion, basil, salt and pepper.  For side dishes I added some sliced tomatoes with a bit of sea salt, balsamic vinegar and some shaved Parmesan and fresh-from-the-bakery French bread. 
Simple, satisfying, scrumptious. 
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