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Salmon Season


The Copper River Salmon season is in full swing.  It’s expensive again this year but I still am compelled to purchase it.  I love it.  One thing that helps the cost a bit is to purchase Sockeye instead of King.  There are two reasons this helps.  First, the price per pound is quite a bit less and since Sockeye is a smaller fish it’s easier to get a smaller piece.  When purchasing King fillets you really can’t buy one pound of fish.  The piece would be about 1/2" wide and a foot long – not good.  So a "small" King salmon purchase is usually at least 1.5 pounds and often closer to 2.  At this year’s going rate of $40/lb that’s an expensive proposition. I do like the King better but the Sockeye is also very yummy. 
When cooking this oil-rich salmon I really prefer simplicity over fancy.   Often I do a Blueberry marinade but I also like to do a simple butter, onion, lemon (or lime) treatment and then grill it.  That really lets the taste shine through. 
Add some grilled asparagus, a salad and rice or cornbread and you have a nice summer meal. 
This last weekend I decided to spice up my corn bread a bit.  Take your favorite recipe and add a couple tablespoons of chopped fresh basil and about 3/4 cup of blueberries.  The cornbread gets a nice little savory/sweet flavor to it.  I also just happened to have a fish-shaped cast iron muffin pan.  Adds a bit more fun to the plate.
  1. currie permalink
    05-Jun-2008 10:12 am

    Me as well ~  When cooking  salmon I prefer plain over fancy.
    The dish looks great as always ~ you\’re such a great cook ~ and maybe you should hold a cooking show ~ I\’m sure you\’re better than rachael ray ;)  !!!!

  2. Culinary permalink
    06-Jun-2008 7:28 am

    currie:  Ha!  Thanks! Rachael is certainly not my favorite, then again she seems to appeal to many.  But I love you said it!  ;-) 

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