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Decadent Brownies

I made these brownies a few days ago in response to some of my Flickr friends baking escapades. 
The brownie recipe is from David Lebovitz’ cookbook The Great Book of Chocolate. I made it in a 9" instead of 8" pan and then layered two brownies together. In between you’ll find chocolate frosting and raspberry coulis. His recipe calls for a yummy ganache but I used a chocolate frosting that I had leftover from another project, instead. The red sauce is a raspberry coulis – basically just a pureed raspberry and sugar mixture that is strained to remove the seeds. There’s also a bit of raspberry liqueur in it. On the plate is a little thickened heavy cream. 
This presentation was really super rich – the kind of dessert you’d buy while dining out and four of you would each grab a spoon and dig in.  And even then, there might be leftovers.  A regular single layer of brownies cut into smaller portions would be perfect with a glass of milk or cup of tea, though. 
David has two brownie recipes in this book.  The recipes are similar but with slight differences to appeal to personal taste.  I recommend you buy the book and try them both! 
  1. renay permalink
    16-May-2008 3:47 pm

    the brownies look really delicious.

  2. 16-May-2008 6:35 pm

    O yummo!!!! These look absolutely delicious! Must try them soon .. take care, H

  3. Culinary permalink
    16-May-2008 8:37 pm

    Thanks much, Ladies!  Hope you are both enjoying the weekend! 
    ~ B

  4. Jennifer permalink
    17-May-2008 5:50 am

    Delightful! I get a kick out of your sweet decorative hearts.You are so skilled.Thank you,-jenj

  5. Culinary permalink
    17-May-2008 7:00 am

    Hi Jen!
    ;-)  The hearts are so simple to make yet add so much (I think) to the plate.  Thanks!
    ~ B

  6. Eric permalink
    10-Jun-2008 8:24 pm

    Remind me that I\’ve got to share a recipe with you sometime…  The March/April 2004 Cooks Illusrated had an article on "The Bext Classic Brownies" and they included their recipe for their Classic Brownies.  I\’ve never had anything so good.  I get teary eyed right now just thinking about them.  E

  7. Culinary permalink
    11-Jun-2008 7:17 am

    Hey EE!
    Wow!  If they are that good you\’d better be sharing!  I\’ll hold you to it.  ;-)
    ~ B

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