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Sweet Dulcinea

The introduction of miniature watermelons has increased my consumption of watermelon dramatically.  I’ve always loved watermelon but would only purchase one if I planned to have a crowd over.  Buying one for just myself was just not a very attractive proposition when I thought about storing the gigantic leftover piece and eating it for days on end.  Seeing that big hunk of fruit in the refrigerator came to feel like an obligation instead of a treat. 
So when these small fruits became available I jumped on that bandwagon!  When they first came on the market they were pretty spendy and they are still not cheap, when compared to a full size melon, but in my area I can now regularly find them for $2 – $3.  And that seems like a fair price to me.  
And another benefit of these little melons is that they seem to appear off season more often than their larger siblings.  Although I am a big proponent of buying local fruits and vegetables sometimes I just need a the color and taste of summer to help me make it through the gray Seattle winter.  And nothing says "summer" quite like a watermelon!
If you haven’t tried these little gems yet I encourage you to look for them and give them a try.  They’ve been in my local market off and on for the last couple weeks.   
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