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Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo Contest

One of the events I love (although you’d have a hard time telling with my lack of recent participation…) is Wine Blogging Wednesday or WBW, as it is more widely known.  In my mind it’s the most successful of the blog "events" that occur on a regular basis.  I find it interesting, educations and fun to participate in!  A couple of years ago a logo was created for the event.  But as the event has matured there is a need for the logo to, also.  Amazingly enough the 42nd event is now in process!  That is success! 
So if you think you’d be good at creating a logo for this event you should check out the details here 
The contest runs through March 31. 
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  1. Jennifer permalink
    31-Jan-2008 7:44 am

    Sounds great!Thanks for the link.

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