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The Positive Side of Winter in Seattle

Saturday I decided to go to Pike Place Market for a stroll. I didn’t really need anything – I have several events occurring over the next few days that will take care of my dining needs – but just wanted to get out and enjoy one of my favorite places.
I didn’t arrive until noon, yet was able to park 1/2 block away from the main market – unheard of in the summer and even spring and fall weekends! I could freely walk among the stalls only occasionally having to wait for people or to take a detour around groups that had stopped in the middle of the aisles to talk.
I was able to actually look at what was in the cases in Delaurenti’s. I walked right up and bought a bunch of tulips from my favorite grower. I bought one of my favorite lunch time treats, BBQ pork hum bow barely pausing as I walked by the counter.
Was it cold and gray on Saturday? Yes, but a warm jacket and being able to enjoy the vendors and the wide array of offerings made my day.
If you’ve been hiding indoors, now’s the time to get out and take a stroll through the market – no tourists to speak of, plentiful parking and, as always, friendly vendors with interesting wares.
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  1. Jennifer permalink
    24-Jan-2008 7:31 pm

    Good Job! You got to park SO close!Great photo of the colorfulness of the creative tables and chairs of the outdoor cafe.-jenj

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