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Saturday Breakfast

It’s a rainy, lazy Saturday morning.  At least lazy to start.  Soon I’ll be rushing around meeting friends, running errands, housecleaning.  Time to take up a minute to fuel up with a tasty, hearty, pretty healthy breakfast. 
Start oven roasting baby potatoes – cut them in halves or quarters, toss them with olive oil, an herb of your choice, sea salt and fresh pepper.  Put them in a 400°F oven for about 25 minutes.  They should be tender when pierced with a fork.  Cook them cut side down to get nicely, crispy outsides with tender insides. 

While the potatoes are cooking, slice onions, mushrooms and pancetta or bacon.  Start by sautéing onions and pancetta (or any sort of bacon) until the pancetta is getting crisp and the onions soft.  Add the mushrooms and sauté until they are getting tender.  Add a big handful of baby spinach and let it cook until wilted. 
While that is all sautéing, beat an egg until a little frothy, adding a bit of milk for fluffier scrambled eggs, if you wish. 
Once the spinach has wilted pour the egg into the pan.  Stir and turn the whole mess until the egg is cooked to your liking.  Grate a little cheese (whatever you have on hand) over the scramble and mix it in. 
Put the eggs on a plate, add a bit more grated cheese on the top.  Serve with the potatoes and a couple slices of toast. 
  1. Jennifer permalink
    24-Jan-2008 7:45 pm

    My kind of breakfast! Great photos and commentary.Thank you,-jenj

  2. Culinary permalink
    28-Jan-2008 9:14 pm

    Thanks, jenj!  Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Christian permalink
    02-Feb-2008 4:02 am

    You\’re making me hungry! I will try your recipeThanks!

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