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Fantasy Fudge


I remember when my Mom first made Fantasy Fudge.  Although she cooked and baked a lot, she hated to worry about the whole temperature thing when making candy.  And then along came Fantasy Fudge where instead of worrying about temperature you just boiled it for a certain amount of time (which got you to that temperature, guaranteed).  And from that  point on we had fudge every Christmas.  I’ve often thought about making "real" fudge – something that is complex and requires thermometer watching and probably doesn’t include marshmallow creme – and then I think why? 
This year I accidentally made two batches – accidentally because although I doubled the recipe I was thinking that made one 9"x13" pan but it was really two! I guess I’d better read the instructions more closely next time.  Although, since I wanted two big pans, it all works out just fine.  And I noticed (when reading the recipe) that they have reduced the boiling time from 5 minutes to 4.  And, I happen to be stirring it with my really cool thermometer whisk (which I’m not sure is available any more…) and noticed that the temperature was actually reached after about 2 minutes of boiling, but I let it go a bit longer to make sure. 
The recipe can be found on the back on the marshmallow creme jar or if you want to see it now, look here.  You can use chocolate chips instead of baking squares – 12 oz is one "normal" size package. 
  1. Styln permalink
    19-Dec-2007 3:26 pm

    One of my favorite things!

  2. Unknown permalink
    19-Dec-2007 6:42 pm

    She\’s back!!

  3. Culinary permalink
    19-Dec-2007 9:12 pm

    @ stylin:  It\’s good, isn\’t it? 
    @ "no name":  did you miss me?  I think I just needed a little break…..  ;-)

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