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Book Review: Street Food

Looking for a last minute gift idea for a foodie friend? If they have a sense of adventure and think travel is all about eating, this might be the perfect gift for them.  Now, there are many books by this name Street Food, so make sure you get the one by Tom Kime. 
Tom eats the way I like to eat when I travel – he searches out the street food, the little places where the locals eat.  And now he has documented those street meals in this lovely cookbook.  The one thing that strikes me as I read the recipes is that some of the recipes seem to include an awful lot of ingredients and I generally think of street food as being more simply prepared.  But still the recipes ring true and seem very authentic. 
Tom covers a lot of ground in this cookbook.  There are recipes from:
      • India and Sri Lanka
      • SE Asia  – lots
      • Latin America and the Caribbean
      • Southern Europe
      • Middle East and North Africa – lots of recipes from this region! 
And he uses slightly different (but they will make sense) categories to group the recipes: 
      • Best in a bowl
      • Fresh crisp salads
      • Finger food
      • A meal in itself
      • Hot wok and smoking grill
      • Breads, pizza, savory pastries
      • Dips, sauces and condiments
      • Desserts and sweet treats

If you have a friend who loves to explore local culture through food, they’ll love this cookbook – and there’s nothing that says you can’t buy it for yourself, either! 

I’ve marked lots of recipes to try! Here are just a few:  Moily haldi – coconut and turmeric fish soup made with prawns, squid, lime juice, coconut milk; Picarones – sweet potato and pumpkin doughnuts; Kebab b’il karaz – lamb meatballs with sour cherry sauce.  And there are lots more. 


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