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Forelle Pear


I came across the most adorable little pear a couple days ago.  It’s a Forelle Pear.  And I really should have added something to the photo to give a bit of perspective to it, as it’s pretty small. You may be familiar with Seckel Pears, and these are very similar in size.  This one is just a little over 2½" tall.  I had never seen a Forelle before so I bought one to try it out.   
I ate it for a snack today and was a little disappointed as it was still a tad bit green.  But it had promise!  It reminded me of the more common and much larger Bartlett, which is one of my favorite pears.  And with its size it’s a perfect little midday snack.  I think they would also make a great pear for a nice dessert – maybe poached and served with blue cheese, for instance.  With their smaller size they would be a nice petite finish to a meal.     

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