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Shopping Online this Holiday Season?

If you are an online shopper here is a site you may want to check out:  Non-Profit Shopping Mall
The way this site works is that you choose a charity (there are over 70 including America’s Second Harvest and Share our Strength) and then you shop from a selection of 125 retailers.  A portion of each sale goes to the charity you’ve chosen.  You still pay the same price as you would if you went directly to the site and right up front it tells you what percentage of your purchase goes to the charity.  The lowest percentage I saw was .5% and the highest 10%, with most being in the 2% -5% range.  While those percentages may not sound like much, even .5% can add up to a significant amount with enough sales. 
It’s up to you to do your homework to check out the non-profits to determine "worthiness" and up to you to decide if you think the retailer’s deal is something you want to participate in.  But if you are spending the money anyway….. 
  1. 16-Nov-2007 1:49 pm

    Hope you don\’t mind if I "blog it" You should put your "logo" (on the bottom of this page) on the top!

  2. Passing permalink
    16-Nov-2007 4:13 pm

    Hello, great idea. I live in the boonies so this would be great and help
    at the same time…Toodie

  3. Culinary permalink
    16-Nov-2007 8:10 pm

    @ Toodie: Great! Glad this works both ways! 
    @ Autumn Fairy:  Of course you can blog it – the more who know the better it is! 

  4. KKai permalink
    18-Nov-2007 9:47 pm

    Wow!It is a great way to shop and to help other at the same time.Kind of like (not exactly like) my last blog.And thanks for the link.I bookmarked it. =)

  5. Styln permalink
    20-Nov-2007 9:05 am

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Styln permalink
    20-Nov-2007 9:05 am

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  7. 23-Nov-2007 4:40 pm

    Hey B,Hope you\’re having a great holiday weekend.  Can\’t wait to read your ideas and discoveries this season.Cheers,BH

  8. Culinary permalink
    24-Nov-2007 5:38 am

    Thanks Sylin!  Hope you had a good one!
    Hi BH!  Hope your Thanksgiving was marvelous!  I actually hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis soon…..  ;-)

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