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Dinner at Crush

A couple of weeks ago I ran into my friends EE and BR at an afternoon Garden Party.  We hadn’t seen each other for awhile and had some catching up to do.  While the food at the party was great (it always is!) we decided to go some where we could sit and chat for a bit.  So we headed out to Crush
I had been wanting go to Crush but had been avoiding it as I had it pegged as a pretty romantic little spot (it’s located in a little house in Madison Valley) and hadn’t had the right person to take along with me.  So I jumped at the opportunity to go since EE and BR, while not romantic dates for me, are very good company and fun dining partners! 
This always popular place was already packed when we arrived around 5:30 or 6:00.  We snagged a couple of chairs at the counter overlooking the chefs in the open kitchen – probably my favorite place to sit – and started our dining experience.  While we were perusing the menu a dish of marinated olives was brought out for us.  As a recent convert to the olive world, I enjoyed nibbling on the different varieties.
BR and I ordered glasses of wine and EE tried one of their specialty cocktails, of which they have both alcohol and non-alcohol offerings.  His cucumber-fresh drink was very good!  Once I saw the menu I knew I was going to be at least semi-bad in my choices.  Foie gras was on the menu and besides that fact that I love it, I live in sort of an ongoing realization that if some people have their way it will be pulled from all menus and no longer be available.  So I pretty much order it every time I see it.  Sort of a "make hay while the sun shines" attitude!  This version of the seared delight was on a cornmeal waffle and topped with fresh blackberries in a port sauce.  I love the tangy fruit with the richness of the foie gras! 
BR and EE both ordered the Melon Soup with Oregon Shrimp Salad.  Again, amazingly refreshing for a summer day.  And a very beautiful presentation.  And since I’m originally from Oregon I’m always a little partial to Oregon shrimp.  Those little babies are so sweet and succulent!  
We each ordered something different for an entrée.  In trying to gain back a bit of ground after the foie gras, I ordered the Wagyu Flank Steak Salad & Black Truffle Vinaigrette: first it was also an appetizer so the portion would be smaller than a full entrée; second it was a salad; and although it was a meat salad, Wagyu flank steak is a fairly healthy version of meat!  Right? 
BR had an amazing piece of halibut on a fresh corn succotash, and EE ordered a maple-sausage stuffed chicken breast – I should have given him a bad time for ordering something healthy (chicken breast) and then undoing that with the sausage stuffing! ;-)
All of our entrées were really good – the presentations were beautiful, the ingredients amazingly fresh, the preparations creative and respectful of the intrinsic elements of the fish/meat/chicken. 
BR still had room for dessert and ordered a beautiful trio of house-made ice cream sandwiches.  Each with it’s own type of cookie and ice cream.  They were small – just two or three bites each – and a nice way to experience a variety of flavors. 
Although the food was great, there were two other things that really made this a great dinner;  sharing it with BR and EE (thanks for picking up the tab!!!); and the fact that I realized that Crush is great for dining with anyone who loves food – romantic interest or not…  
2319 E. Madison Street
  1. Eric permalink
    18-Sep-2007 9:31 pm

    I\’m just reading this now on 9/18.  That was a very fun evening – nice to be reminded of it while I peruse culinary fool!  Crush has become one of my favorites – very consistent.  It\’s time to get together again!!

  2. Eric permalink
    18-Sep-2007 9:31 pm

    I forgot to sign – that was EE making the last comment 

  3. Culinary permalink
    26-Sep-2007 8:51 am

    Hi EE!
    I might have guessed that was you.  :-)  It was a fun evening and I\’m glad I had the opportunity to share with you guys!  Now that I\’m back from France I feel some entertaining coming on…..  Not sure what, where or when but I\’m going to get to work on that…. 
    ~ B 

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