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La Crêperie Voilà

Better late than never is a great saying when you are talking about trying out La Crêperie Voilà!  Tucked into a little space in the downtown Convention Center they have been open for more than two years but last Monday was my first visit.  Since I no longer work downtown, and haven’t for many years, it’s sometimes hard to get to these little places. 
La Crêperie serves both savory and sweet crêpes as well as a few other items such as soups and ice cream.  They also list sweet crêpes flambé on their menu. 
When I arrived on Monday it was shortly before 1:00 pm and there was quite a crowd.  Come to find out most people there were friends/relatives of the owner who had just gotten married over the weekend.   I discovered this when a man in the crowd asked me if I was with the paper when he saw me taking photos.  Once I finally admitted what I was doing he told me he was the owner and explained who the people were.  I think he was worried as I did have to wait a few minutes for my crepe once I had ordered but I actually thought that for the number of people in front of me service was very quick! 
I really liked the two woman working the counter and making the crêpes, too.  Friendly, professional and very economical in their movements so that the line did move quickly. 
I ordered a prosciutto, Emmental, and spinach crêpe. It also included an herbed butter spread over the crêpe before the other ingredients were added and a bit of bechemal sauce – but not too much which was nice. 
The classic combination was great!  And I really liked that they didn’t overstuff the crêpe.  Even so I thought it was filling and a great value at $5.25. 
 I like this little place and wish I worked closer so that I could make it a more frequent stop.  However, they are open until at least 8:00 and sometimes later – it might be just the thing to grab before a movie some night. 
La Crêperie Voilà
707 Pike St. Kiosk #1 (Convention Center)
  1. Jamie permalink
    17-Aug-2007 9:19 pm

    I think savory crepes are much harder to pull off than sweet ones, but if you do get a good savory crepe, it is a special treat.  Did you see Bobby Flay\’s Throwdown against the Crepe ladies in Texas?  Those looked dee-lish!
    Next time I am on the other side of the bridge, I\’ll check out Voila.  This post gave me a crepe craving, so I may do a search on the Eastside for a place.  I\’ll let you know what I find.

  2. Culinary permalink
    18-Aug-2007 7:40 am

    Hi Jamie ~
    I\’d never thought about that but I\’m not sure I agree – they seem pretty comparable to me.  But maybe it\’s because I stick with the more traditional (therefore tried and true) crepes when I order them from street stands. Or maybe it\’s because I make them a lot at home and they just seem the same effort-wise.  Two other places that have great crepes:  611 Supreme – also in Seattle or Crepe Montage in Whistler. 
    ~ B

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