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First Look: Serious Pie


I’ve been falling down on the job lately… how long has Serious Pie been open now?  And my first trip there was just a couple weeks ago!  Hard to believe.  I guess my pizza time has been spent at Via Tribunali mostly.  But M and I finally made our way to Tom Douglas’ latest place and we were glad we did!  
We had heard the lines could be long so thought we get down there fairly early on a Sunday.  I was there a bit before 6:00 and already there was a wait. Although it really wasn’t surprising considering the size of the place.  I knew it wasn’t large but it was about 1/2 of what I thought it would be – only about three 2-person tables and then maybe ten that seat six.  At those tables it’s communal dining for most folks. 

We took a look at the menu and decided to start with a Watermelon Salad.  It was such a great combination of tastes!  First, sweet, luscious watermelon was sliced into thin triangles, then it was layered with marinated onions that were tangy with vinegar and then it all was topped with ricotta salata which is a fresh young Italian cheese.  And every now and then you’d also get a little bite of mint.  The sweet, tangy, salty combination was refreshing and complex.  I have a little watermelon sitting on my countertop and it will soon be in my interpretation of this salad!
Although our waiter tried to convince us that the pizzas were small and that we should each order our own (when we were trying to decide between two of them) we were glad that we opted to just order one.  Yes this is thin crust pizza, but it’s not cracker crust pizza – there is still a breadiness and body to it which adds to the "fill you up" factor. 

I thought the crust was tasty but the toppings were amazing!  We settled on the pizza with morels, arugula pesto, taula (a cheese) and were very happy with our choice!  I guess you really can’t go wrong with morels but the arugula pesto was wonderful with it – the whole pizza was very earthy and wholesome tasting. 
I ordered an apricot crostada to take home.  I thought I’d have it as a treat the next day.  When I got home I took a little bite to see what it tastes like and before I knew it the entire dessert had disappeared!  How did that happen anyway. 
The only thing I didn’t like about the place was something I happen to notice at the bottom of the menu.  They add gratuity to the bill for parties of six or more – it seems the definition for large group is getting smaller all of the time.  I don’t remember if this is the same at Douglas other restaurants – now I"m going to need to look next time I’m in one. 
Potential forced gratuity aside, our dinner was great.  While it may not be the place to have an intimate first date, I can imagine going here for all kinds of other reasons! 
Serious Pie
316 Virginia

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