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McCormick and Schmick’s Harborside

A couple of Fridays ago – or maybe it was just last Friday, this summer is going by so fast – R and I decided to take advantage of our flexible schedules and the gorgeous weather and head down to Lake Union to one of my favorite places.  In fact is has been such a favorite place in past years that another friend and I spent just about every summer Friday here for about three or four years in a row!  
You just can’t beat the deck at McCormick and Schmick’s Harborside on the Southwest corner of Lake Union.  While the deck is not large, you can still get a decent number of people out there and it’s really the only deck on the lake that sits just inches above the water level.  And, as an added bonus, they are one of the few places that extends Happy Hour prices out to the deck.  In so many of the lakeside restaurants the discounts are only available in the inside bar area. 
We arrived early to ensure we’d get a spot on the deck but were met with a disappointing turn of events.  The deck was under construction!  Who’s poor planning was that??  According to the bartenders it was one of those remodel jobs gone bad – they were about 6 weeks over schedule at this point and it looked like they still had a few weeks to go.  Bad deal! 
But we decided to just sit at the bar – even the lounge with it’s big windows looking out at the little marina and the lake beyond is a very pleasant place to perch. 
All the McCormick’s have basically the same Happy Hour – no drink specials but the food is cheap!  It used to be that the entire Happy Hour menu was $1.95, now there are three prices levels:  $1.95; $2.95; and $3.95.  My two favorite items are still on the menu – one of them is the best value in the city.  They offer their burger for $1.95 and this is the regular full-sized 1/3 or 1/2 pound burger with all the extras and a generous serving of fries!  You can’t beat it.  My second favorite thing is now $2.95 and they have slightly reduced the portion – their hot chicken wings are what I judge every other places wings by.  For me they are the de facto standard.  Spicy, a little greasy, tender and large – what more can you ask for? 
And, what I love about their cocktails is that anything with any sort of citrus juice is fresh-squeezed when you order your drink and if you are sitting at the bar, you can watch them go through a ton of fruit during the evening. 
I decided to order a Papa Doble, although they actually called it something else.  But it’s basically a daiquiri that’s been jazzed up a bit in the style preferred by Ernest Hemingway.  Tasty!  R went with Margaritas as the fresh juices in that drink will win over anyone and if you already love Margaritas this will take you all the way to obsession.  At least that’s what I have gathered from my friends who drink Margaritas.  They are a forbidden drink for me. ;-( 
I don’t really know why I’m writing about Harborside right now.  I really don’t want any of you going down there this summer – it’s hard enough to get a place on the deck as it is!  But I guess I always have been good at sharing.  So if you are looking for a place to enjoy our great summer weather you may want to give them a try. 
McCormick and Schmick’s Harborside
1200 Westlake Ave N

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