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Another Look at Copper Gate

The first time I visited Copper Gate it was more to get to know a fellow blogger than to check out this recently renovated and reopened Ballard institution.  But I got a good enough sense of the place that I wanted to come back and had hoped to bring some Scandinavian friends along for their take on the place.  Last Thursday I was able to partially accomplish this – although one of the couples I was hoping to bring along was not able to make it.   
We arrived for Happy Hour and set to work trying out some of their cocktails.  Unfortunately their menu is not online and I had been thinking it was so I didn’t write down the names of anything (dang it) but I remember enough about them so you would be able to figure it out, if you were so inclined.  My friends both ordered a cocktail that’s a sweet-tart rendition of a rhubarb flavored drink.  Pretty in pink, it was a refreshing sip on that warm evening.  For a change of pace I ordered a twist on iced coffee made with a licorice flavored liqueur.  It too was refreshing.  So far everything I’ve tried here, cocktail-wise, has been tasty, well-balanced and while slightly updated is made with a nod to tradition.  I really like that whole idea.  Later we got into the aquavits, which Copper Gate has a small but good selection of. 
For food we each started with something different.  H had one of the day’s specials which was a sausage, wrapped in lefse (a potato pancake) and served with dilled fries.  I only had a bit of the fries but loved the taste!  H said the sausage was very good.  D tried the Swedish meatballs which I’d had on my previous visit.  I don’t think I specifically asked her how she liked it but her nearly licked-clean plate seemed to tell the tale.  I had thinly sliced, marinated ribs that were rich and tasty.  Very good! 
Since the plates were small, H & D decided to each order a plate of Swedish pancakes which they deemed good but still not as good as the ones served at the Swedish Cultural Center.  I tried a plate of gravlax which was silky smooth and a nice light treat. 
My second visit confirmed what I thought the first time.  This is a great little spot – especially if you happen to live in the neighborhood.  Even if you don’t it would be worth your while to check it out. 
Copper Gate
6301 24th Ave NW

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