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Thai Shrimp Pasta

After devouring the mussels the other night, as is normal, there was a lot of the coconut milk broth remaining.  Instead of just tossing it out, I decided to strain all the random bits of veggies out of it and save it.  The next day I sautéed shrimp in my normal way (I removed all of the shell except the tail) and made up a pot of pasta.  When the pasta was finished I drained it, put it back in the pan and then added just enough of the coconut milk broth to cover the pasta.  I heated it for a few moments to make sure the broth got hot and to also reduce it just a bit so that it would stick to the pasta a little better.  
Once the sauce was heated through I tossed the shrimp in with the pasta and then plated it.  On the plate I added freshly picked Thai Basil and it was ready to go! 
As a refreshing beverage to have with this slightly spicy dish I made up a Holiday Starr. I normally make this cocktail in December/January (hence the name) because that’s when Satsumas and other tangerines are so plentiful.  But recently my local Costco has had boxes of them and so I’ve been buying them.  
The tangy citrus in this cocktail cools the bit of heat in this sauce.  Together they give you sort of a yin yang affect.  I liked this pasta a lot!  As much or maybe even more than the original mussel dish – and that is saying a lot! 

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