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More Copper River King!

Another weekend, another piece of beautiful Copper River King.  In case you haven’t noticed from previous posts, I don’t like to "do" a lot to fish.  I mainly try to subtly enhance it more than top it with something that will overwhelm it.  This week was no different. 
Originally I had planned to do a dry rub for this piece of salmon but was feeling a bit lazy to even do that much work – okay that must have been a lot lazy since making a dry rub is not all that time-consuming!  Instead I decided to use a cedar plank – to add just a hint of smoke, and instead of the rub a prepared marinade.  I used a Tom Douglas’ Chili Teriyaki Sauce which it looks like he no longer makes.  Dang it!  The thing I like about this marinade is that it’s super light and even though it is called Teriyaki, the taste seems to lean more toward the chili in my opinion. 
So after soaking my cedar board for a couple hours (very important!), I placed the salmon on it, lightly brushed the salmon with a bit of the marinade and placed it on the grill for about 20 minutes.  I also added a couple ears of fresh corn I’d picked up at Central Market to the grill.  Now, the sign said it was Northwest grown but they didn’t say Northwest of where!  I don’t ever remember seeing corn this early even from Yakima or other points in Eastern Washington.  Hmmm.  Finally, a few spears of asparagus joined the party on the grill.  When all was said and done it was a great dinner!
  1. PrincessT permalink
    29-May-2007 1:18 am

    Wow, that looks delicious! I love salmon – my favorite way to prepare it is poached with white wine and dill, and then just squeeze some lemon before eating. YUM! I\’m going to have to try this cedar plank thing.

  2. Culinary permalink
    29-May-2007 7:30 am

    Hi Tanya!  Poached salmon is great too.  Copper River is such an oily (that\’s a good thing in this case) fish that grilling it is actually much better, in my opinion, but I like to poach other types of salmon.  ~ B

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