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Shrimp on the Barbie

You’ve seen this sort of preparation before but last time we were sautéing them on the stove.  Now that spring has sprung it’s time to grill shrimp on your grill!
Again, the preparation is super simple – peel the shrimp but leave the tail and last section of the shell intact. (This becomes a nice little "handle" when it’s time to eat them!)
Toss the shrimp with a little olive oil, finely minced garlic (or use a garlic press), and some hot pepper flakes.  
Thread the shrimp onto skewers (keeps them from falling through the grill and makes them easier to turn).  
Place the skewers over medium-hot heat (either coals or gas burner) and grill for just 2 or 3 minutes per side.  As soon as the shrimp turn pink turn them and when the second side is pink remove them from the grill. 
Serve with salad, a side of rice, grilled bread or just eat them all on their very own!  Whatever sounds good to you!

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