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Victrola Opens New Location

Victrola Coffee Roasters has opened a new location and it’s really not all that far from the original.  The original shop, referred to as Victrola Coffee and Art, is on 15th Ave E on Capitol Hill.  The new one, also on Capitol Hill but farther to the west is the location for their roasting operation and is called Victrola Roaster and Café.  It’s located at 310 E Pike Street near Minor. 
The new location offers beer and wine as well as the normal coffee and tea lineup.  They also have weekly cuppings that are open to the public.   I plan to check one of those out in the near future to continue my coffee education
It’s a very handsome space and I gave it a little test run Monday morning as a mobile office location.  I liked it and with free WiFi, I bet I’ll be back again! 

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