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611 Supreme


One of my favorite little places for breakfast is 611 Supreme.  It’s one of those places that sits quiet and unobtrusively on the stretch between downtown and Broadway.  So many places line that stretch that sometimes it’s hard to find the gems, but 611 Supreme definitely is worth the discovery.   This is actually the place where our cooking club was officially born – R, M and I met to hammer out the details and then started recruiting others.
The menu is not extensive but what they do they do very well –  the menu is nearly 100% crepes, although there is one option at the end of the menu that is something like bacon and eggs.  But I don’t know why you’d want anything other than one of their yummy crepes.  
And the mochas are great, too.  And there’s fresh-squeezed orange juice, too!  Oh, and some time ago, they added a bar on the other side of the building.  I keep meaning to go in and check that out but haven’t quite made it yet.
I did learn something new on my last visit, however.  Apparently I don’t like hot smoked salmon – or maybe it’s just that there was so much in the crepe I ordered that it was a little overwhelming.  I can’t really say it was bad but I didn’t care for it.  But that’s the first thing ever in my history of visits that I didn’t like.  
I highly recommend this place.  And lots of others like it, too, so if you plan to visit on a weekend morning get there on the early side.  With only about a dozen tables it doesn’t take long for the place to fill.     
611 Supreme
611 E. Pine St.
Capitol Hill

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