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Pan-Grilled Sea Scallops


Although there are lots of times that I live to make complex recipes I am just as likely to pull together something rather simple.  And that is especially likely to happen when the base ingredients are just so good and fresh that you really don’t want to hide them in anyway.  Instead the goal is to showcase their attributes.  
Sea scallops are something that I generally keep to a super simple preparation, as in this case.  These were giant scallops – over an inch thick and two to two and a half inches in diameter!  I pan grilled them in olive oil for 3 to 4 minutes per side, which still left them a bit rare in the middle.  I drizzled a plate with Black Bean Sauce (I was trying a bottled version which I really didn’t like – too salty), heaped some jasmine rice that had been cooked in chicken stock in the center, added three scallops (two would have been enough!) and then sprinkled some chopped green onions and black sesame over the whole thing.  That was it. 
The rice took some time to cook but the whole meal was done in less than 30 minutes.  Take that Rachel Ray! ;-)

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