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Another Use for Hot Buttered Rum Batter or …


How to take a relatively healthy dessert and make it not so healthy! 
I’ve talked before about keeping crisp topping in my freezer and then using it for individual fruit crisps of one sort or another.  And normally when I make the crisps I eat them just as they are when come out of the oven – juicy, sweet fruit topped with a little crunch topping.  And while the topping is made from butter and sugar it is also made with a lot of oatmeal and nuts and so the overall dessert is a pretty decent choice if you are looking for something to satisfy a sweet tooth. 
Well, I made a little apple crisp recently and while it was baking a remembered I had heavy cream in the fridge and decided to make my crisp a little extra special by whipping up a bit of cream to top it.  When the crisp came out of the oven I set it aside to cool and pulled out the cream to whip it.  Well, a quick check of the cream showed it had turned (and it wasn’t even close to the pull date!) so I dumped it out. 
But now I was left with a little craving for something creamy to top my crisp. I don’t keep ice-cream around so no luck there.  And then I happened to remember the Hot Buttered Rum batter I have stored in the freezer…. Made with ice-cream, cinnamon and nutmeg it would perfectly complement the crisp.  Just one small issue – it’s also made with butter and two types of sugar.  Oh.  Oh, well. 
So I tried a small scoop on the hot crisp and it was really very good!  However, not something I’d want to do on a regular basis!  I’m not even going to think about the calories and fat that were part of that "healthy" dessert.  It was good though!

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