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26th Dinner Club: Sicily Menu and Recipes


Well, if you’ve been keeping track – which I’m sort of betting you haven’t – you’ll notice that I’ve skipped a couple dinner club write-ups.  Bad me!  I will get back to them soon but in the meantime I decided to go ahead and write about the most recent meeting while it was still very fresh in my mind! 
Last Friday the group got together for the start of our fifth year.  That is so cool!  When we started the club we hoped it would have longevity but you never know about these things.  We have four of our five original members and even the newest person has been with us for two years already!  We were all thinking how quickly the time has passed – in some ways we don’t want to remember how time has flown by! 
It was my turn to host this first meal of our fifth year and, as I’ve been doing the last few times, I decided to be a bit more specific when selecting a region. I picked Sicily as I thought "going" somewhere that seems eternally sunny and warm would be nice in this (normally) dreary month.  Although I must say our weather has been anything but the normal gray this year! 
So here was our menu for the night: 

How’d it all go?  The summary in my next post


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