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America’s Top Ten Bartenders

While Playboy is not normally on my list of "must-reads" I had to make an exception for this. They have just released their list of America’s top bartenders – based on the art of mixology not flair – and I am happy to report several familiar names are on the list. I am overjoyed to see that a guy I am happy to call my favorite bartender – not just for his well-crafted drinks but also for his enjoyable presence, his tireless answering of my questions and his generous spirit – Murray Stenson, not only made the list but his photo graces the introduction to the article. Turns out it is okay to read Playboy just for the pictures!
You can find Murray, as well as the talented owners Ben and Kacy, at a local watering hole, The Zig Zag Café.
Zig Zag Café
1501 Western Ave (on the Pike Place Hillclimb below Kasala)

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