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Baguette Box – Fremont Style


Tuesday was such a spring-like day that around lunch time I found myself dying to get away from the PC and outside for awhile.  I took myself down to Fremont, spent a little time walking along the canal and Lake Union and then wandered into the new Baguette Box that just opened in Fremont.  
Although this is a new location the Baguette Box located on Capitol Hill has been receiving accolades since the day it opened.  And the recipe for success at that location is being repeated here – with just a bit more room to grab an seat indoors.  
The interior is sparse yet cheery with the art on the walls and the massive red table that dominates the room.  I placed my order at the register that is nearly part of the open kitchen then took a seat while my order was prepared.  Once delivered to me, I really had intended to eat inside at that big cheery table but I just couldn’t.  I was being called back outside by the fresh air and (comparatively) warm temperatures.  
I made my way back to one of undulating chair/steps that front the trail along the canal and sat down to enjoy my lunch.  My Roasted Pork Loin with Apricot Aioli sandwich was flavorful and satisfying.  The cilantro garnish added a nice clean taste.  The sandwiches are generous but not gigantic.  A nice balance in today’s world of extremes.  
I cleaned up my paper wrapper and napkin and finished my break with a bit more of a walk to my car.  Then back to work for me!       
Baguette Box – Fremont
626 N. 34th St.
  1. Rachel permalink
    25-Jan-2007 12:22 pm

    Hey there! Next time you\’re in the hood, we should meet up for lunch there. :)

  2. Culinary permalink
    25-Jan-2007 1:58 pm

    Good idea….!  Hey, glad to see you are going to be joining us for "PhotoShoe".  It\’s going to be fun!

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