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Happy Hour at Union Square Grill

At R’s suggestion we stopped by Union Square Grill for Happy Hour they other day.  This used to be one of my favorite dinner places but over the years new places have usurped its place and it has gone through a number of its own changes taking it from the tried and true to the sometimes borderline.  So it was with just a bit of trepidation that I made my way through the front doors.
We arrived at 5:00 to an already fairly busy bar area.  They are doing an interesting thing here with a "Progressive Happy Hour" which means that the earlier you go the lower the price.  Happy Hour starts at 3:00 pm and the prices go up each hour on the hour by $1 until it ends at 6:00 pm.   Both food and drinks are on the specials list. You have your choice of wine by the glass, beer from the tap or half a dozen specialty cocktails. 
Looking over the cocktails on the list they all were skewed to the sweet side but I decided to live dangerously and ordered a Ruby Red Rickey made with grapefruit vodka and, after conferring with the bartender, asked for a couple extra squeezes of fresh lime.  The drink I got was very good!  But I would make sure to order the extra lime again.  R decided to stick with one of the wine selections. 
I think our main goal, though, was to get a bite for dinner.  The Kobe Beef Sliders with Caramelized Onions and Gruyère Cheese were calling our name and we decided to also split a plate of Tacos de Pescado – Fish Tacos.  We were happily sipping our drinks when our food arrived and boy were we surprised!  The portions were large! 
Both items were tasty and came with nice little touches.  The sliders were topped with the crispiest, thinly sliced onions I’ve ever had and the tacos were in nice soft shells and held together in individual taco holders, keeping everything as much inside the shell as possible, considering their stuffed state. 
We were very happy with R’s choice.  There was only one slightly sour note to the evening.  A server dropped a glass of wine and broke the glass as he was serving the table directly behind us.  Instead of immediately cleaning up the liquid he, for some reason, continued taking, placing and delivering orders leaving us to warn the other patrons passing by us to be careful not to slip for several minutes.  He eventually got around to cleaning it up but it seemed very odd at the time. 
Union Square Grill
621 Union (7th & Union, downtown Seattle)

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