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Holiday Gift Ideas

Have a foodie in your life that you’d like to find a great gift for?  Last night K and I spent some time sampling little bites and talking to local chefs who have released cookbooks.  The event was held at the Palace Ballroom so, of course, Tom Douglas and his books were part of the offering but there were several other chefs there, too. 
Although the event is over, nearly all of these cookbooks are available at the chefs’ respective restaurants or through Amazon and other booksellers. 
The following titles are all books I own, cook from and love: 
 The following are books I own and have yet to specifically make something from them but they hold great promise! 
Tini Bigs Big Martinis Keith Robbins 
 And the following are books I may need to buy.  I’ve really been trying to keep my cookbook habit under control but these might cause me to fall off the wagon…
And this really just scratches the surface.  They are lots of other Seattle or Northwest authors.  But those listed above are some I can (and do!) personally recommend. 
  1. 20-Dec-2006 3:48 pm

    GReat ideas.  The book list is fantastic. 

  2. Culinary permalink
    21-Dec-2006 7:32 pm

    Hey BH!  Nice to hear from you – I hope your holidays are going well.  Too fast if you ask me but no one ever does!  We are lucky to have some talented chefs in the area that still know how to create recipes that are approachable.  Even the Rover\’s cookbook is really nice.  The main thing there is you need to add a bit more time – okay maybe a lot more time, but just in some cases.  The actual steps aren\’t hard though. 
    ~ B 


  1. John Sarich | Culinary Fool

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