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End of the Summer, For Real

Okay.  I know that title seems a bit odd – I mean we just finished Thanksgiving and are zooming toward the shortest day of the year.  It’s snowing like crazy in our mountain passes and maybe even where you live.  It’s been the end of summer for quite some time!
Well, I’ve been managing to hold on to just a bit of it.  Hording sweet rays of sunshine on my kitchen counter but the writing is on the wall.  The last bits of sunshine will soon be swallowed up – literally! 
These are the very last of the tomatoes from my garden.  Just before the nights dipped into the low 40s on a regular basis, I picked all the tomatoes that had any sort of color to them.  Many people don’t realize that if a tomato has ripened even just a little – just to where it’s not pure green – even just to lighter green, you can pick the tomato and it will continue to ripen at room temperature. 
Now the flavor in tomatoes ripened this way is not quite as good as if they were able to reach full color on the vine, but it is still pretty good!  Especially compared to what you are getting in the supermarket at this time of year! 
I was super happy with my Yellow Brandywine plant this year.  It was an abundant producer and look at these guys still hanging in there for me.  The tomatoes in the back are Caspian Pinks – it was a good producer, too. And the color of the tomatoes is really beautiful – a really deep rose color, almost red but not quite.  
Looks like summer will be slipping from memory in the next day or so…    

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