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Whistler: Araxi


R and I just got back from Whistler, British Columbia where we will did lots of wine sampling and eating over theweekend at Cornucopia. After Thursday night’s function, a little Welcome Party sponsored by Washington State wineries, we meandered over to one of my favorite places in Whistler Village, Araxi.

I first discovered Araxi about ten years ago on a ski trip to Whistler. I’d heard good things about it and convinced my ski companions that we needed at least one "fancy" dinner to counteract all the Happy Hour bar food we’d been consuming. They agreed and we soon found ourselves in the warming comfort of the Araxi dining room. That first dinner was a success and I now make sure I stop in one way or another every trip to Whistler.

Thursday we were just looking for a little bite to finish off an evening of lots of wine but not much food. We made our way to the Araxi bar. As always, the bartenders are super friendly and full of recommendations.

R decided to stick with the wine theme and chose a glass of champagne but I took a look at the specialty drink menu and a couple caught my eye. After consultation with the bartender I decided to go with the Jade Down, a combination of vodka, kiwi fruit, cucumber and honey. The bartender reduced the normal portion of honey a bit for me after a brief discussion about the potential sweetness of the drink.

What I was served was wonderful! As you lift the drink the refreshing smell of the cucumber envelops you. The first sip enhances the fragrance with the light taste of cucumber followed by the after tones of sweet kiwi. But not too sweet and that is the key. The drink is really refreshing and light. It was just what I needed.

We had ordered a crab roll and spiced ahi roll as light bites to round out our evening. The sushi bar was backed up with a couple of large orders that were placed just before ours. The bartender explained the situation to us. We were mostly concerned because the order of freshly made rolls placed before us was becoming hard to resist!

A few minutes later we were served a rich and creamy four cheese ravioli made with their signature flair and topped with toasted nuts and a rich white sauce. Heaven! This delicious bite came compliments of the bartender to help ease the wait.

That bite certainly held us until our rolls arrived – gorgeous presentation with such incredible fresh flavor that it was hard to decide whether to dip them in the soy sauce served alongside or to eat them just as they were served – there was no wrong answer.

We were sad to go but happy to know that Saturday night we would be back for a fabulous party: Bubbles, Jazz and the Sea – can’t wait for that!

4222 Village Square
Whistler, B.C.
604 932 4540

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