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Anaheim Peppers

 These are Anaheim peppers.  Mostly you see them when they are still green but if you leave them on the plant they ripen to a beautiful red.  And they get a bit sweet.  Anaheims sort of run the gamut from mild to a little hot.  I’m not sure why they vary so much – perhaps there are different strains of peppers or perhaps it has to do with the growing conditions.  I’m not sure, I just know that I generally think of them as mild, but when I purchase plants, for instance, they are usually in the "medium" section. 
I had a lot of peppers this year – way more than I could use or even give away.  So I let a bunch of these sit on the plant and ripen.  I picked these the other day and used them with a bunch of the tomatoes to make a slightly spicy pasta sauce.  Yum!  Besides the peppers and tomatoes I used a red onion, garlic, rosemary, red wine, anchovy paste and a little tomato paste to help thicken it.  I also tossed in a handful of portabella mushroom sausage slices.  Just for a little bit of extra flavor.  Top it all with shredded Parmesan and it’s pretty much perfect!

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