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Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Sage

As I was titling this photo and post I happened to remember the uproar several months ago when a mainstream journalist, apparently a bit threatened by the blog world, remarked that he was tired of seeing people’s lunches and hoped never to see another grilled cheese sandwich online  – or something to that affect.  Of course, many bloggers took supreme offense at this comment and got together to have a "grilled cheese sandwich" day.  At the time I stayed out of the fray but I still think about it every now and then.
So here is a photo of a grilled cheese sandwich but what I really like about it is that it’s made with the bread I just baked, tomatoes and sage from my garden.  The Swiss cheese is from Tillamook.  :-) It was a nice combination of summer, represented by the tomatoes, and fall, represented by the sage.    If it offends you, please just look away! ;-)

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