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From the Garden

My tomatoes are really coming into their own.  And, as you can see, many of them are gigantic!
They are, from left to right, a Great White, Yellow Brandywine and Caspian Pink.  
The Great White purchase was an accident.  I was actually looking at Green Zebras and sorting through the plants to find a good healthy one.  When I made my selection I didn’t notice that this Great White plant was just in the wrong row.  It’s an interesting tomato and much more of a pale, pale yellow than white.  It’s good but I still wish I had a Green Zebra. :-)  
The Yellow Brandywine is loaded with large tomatoes!  These are a really sweet variety.  I always get at least one of these bright yellow tomatoes each year – I love how they look mixed in with the reds.  
The Caspian Pink is a very deep rose color.  If I had a true red in this photo you’d be able to see that a little better.  It’s also a nice sweet tomato and is very pretty when sliced.  
Is there anything better than tomatoes fresh from the garden?  I think not.     

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