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Thai Hots


When I was selecting pepper plants this spring I couldn’t find one that I normally like to plant, Thai Dragon.  But there was a plant named Thai Hot, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Now, I have to admit that besides looking at the name of the plant I really didn’t read anything else on the little marker.  

When the plant started producing peppers I was very happy. I could see it was going to be loaded with peppers.  But then something seemed to go wrong.  They didn’t really grow like I was expecting.  They were, well stubby!  I was so disappointed as I love my Thai Dragons – a very hot pepper that is thin and about 4" to 6" long.  So I watched peppers continue to spring from the blossoms on this plant and then just sort of stop.  They started turning red a couple weeks ago.  And then it occurred to me that maybe I should read the little marker….  

Lo and behold these guys were doing just what they were supposed to do.  The description on the tag says, "Very hot.  1/2" upright pointing fruit.  Bright green fruit ripens to red."    Okay, so they are producing exactly as they were supposed to!  In fact I have some overachievers as many of them are a good 1" long! :-) That will teach me to read my tags a little better!  The tag also notes that this can be an ornamental plant, which I can see.  It would add a nice jolt of color to a border or pot.  Now that I know these guys are supposed to be stubby I just love them!


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