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Treasure – Bottled Rubies

One of my favorite things to do for the summer is to pick up a sampling of rosé wines and then taste them throughout the warm summer days.  Last year I made a good attempt at getting wines from France, Spain and Italy.  This year I wasn’t as disciplined and just sorted through all the boxes of treasure brought in just for the summer.  I ended up with mostly French bottles with one each from Spain, Australia, Oregon and Washington.  
I always buy the local rosé with a bit of trepidation – the local vintners are starting to get it and each year I hope that I will find some local wines with the characteristics I love.  The berry smells, fruity palate yet with a dry finish – a thirst quenching sort of wine.  Perfect for sipping on the deck during the dog days of summer – or at least as dog dayish as we get here in Seattle! 
I have especially good hopes for the one I picked up from Oregon, the Elk Cove.  This winery is already well respected for it’s Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.  This is a Pinot Noir rosé and was just delivered to Esquin as I was checking out. Luckily, I ended up with one bottle short of a case and deiced to grab one more (for the additional discount).  When I went to the rosé area the staff guy standing there pointed this one out as he had just set it up – lucky break for me!  When I grabbed it the woman ringing me up was so jealous – all the staff had been waiting for it to come in and she was planning to take a bottle home to taste after work tonight!  I love it when something I choose seems to resonate with those most knowledgeable!
The other nice thing about rosé is that most bottles are fairly reasonably priced.  Several of these I purchased today are $8 or $9.  The most expensive one was $17.  Most were $11 or so.  It’s a fairly easy wine to pick a few and not have to feel bad if something doesn’t meet your expectations. 
Okay, enough writing – I think I’m off to do some sipping! 

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