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San Francisco: Mijita

No photos for this post, I’m afraid and it’s a crying shame!  Before I jumped on the ferry for my excursion to Alameda and St. George Spirits, I stopped by Mijita, a no-frills "Cocina Mexicana" in the Ferry Building. 
I wasn’t really hungry at the time, but with an afternoon of liquor tasting ahead of me I thought it would be best to have a bite to eat.  I had noticed Mijita the day before.  It sits on the back of the building and every table was filled when I passed by – this is not always a sign of a great place but it certainly is better than a bunch of empty tables! 
I ordered one taco de carnitas and then waited for it to be freshly prepared.  My soft corn tortilla was cooked up and then served open-faced covered with braised pork, tomatillo salsa, onions and cilantro.  When it arrived I realized that I had forgotten my camera in my hotel room – which then caused me to get right to the eating,  grab a cab back up to Union Square, run to the room for my camera, grab another cab back and keep my fingers crossed that I didn’t miss the ferry!  Which I am happy to say I did not.  But I am unhappy to say that it kept me from really savoring this oh-so-good taco. 
The braised pork was full of flavor and meltingly tender.  The tomatillo salsa and onions added just the right amount of complementary spice and the cilantro added a nice fresh note.  I would have loved to linger and maybe order one of the other menu items – but that was not to be.  Next time…
  1. 07-Jun-2006 8:55 pm

    I am SO envious you went to SFO.  I haven\’t been for two years and I miss it badly.

  2. Culinary permalink
    08-Jun-2006 5:06 am

    Hey BH!
    Yeah, it had been even longer for me, and I love the place, too.  It was great to get back but I barely scratched te surface on all the things I wanted to do!
    ~ B

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