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San Francisco: Postrio


When the shrimp up at the Petit Café left a bit to be desired, I decided I needed something a bit more satisfying for dinner.  A friend had recommended Postrio, which was also in the general vicinity so I made my way over a couple blocks and entered the welcoming atmosphere of the bar.  Soft lighting, warm granite surfaces, dark wood, copper accents and a brick oven all came together to invite you in.  At the time I didn’t realize it but this is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. 
By this time the bar was fairly empty, which was a bit surprising to me as it wasn’t that late but I suppose this is more of a dinner place.  I noticed a couple sitting at the end of the bar who had earlier been at SWIG, too.  Although there were not many people, those who were there were having interesting and animated conversations and most of them seemed to be known to the bartender. 
I decided to peruse the menu before ordering my wine.  My eye soon lit on something that called my name – Duck Confit.  Once that was settled I ordered a Novelty Hill Syrah to go along with my dinner.  I was impressed that they carried this wine as Novelty Hill is a fairly small Washington producer. 
My Duck Confit arrived and I was amazed at what I saw before me!  The was a large mound of duck covering a substantial portion of the plate – it was probably three times more than I had expected – this is not bad.  Dried cherries and pistachios were combined with the duck on a bed of wilted arugula.  Toasted flatbread was served along with the confit.  The pistachios, cherries and arugula reduced the richness of the dish.  I made a good dent in my order but ended up having a large portion of it boxed.  When I returned to my hotel room it would be tucked into the mini-bar and consumed for breakfast the next morning. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Postrio.  I will certainly return here on future trips to San Francisco.  If I have any complaint, it would be that as a solo traveler this perhaps isn’t the place to join in friendly bar conversations.  However, that may have been due to the timing of my visit.  Hard to say.  Either way, if the Duck Confit is any indication, the food here is well worth a visit. 


545 Post, between Taylor and Mason. 
Union Square
San Francisco


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