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Food & Wine Travel Issue


The May 2006 issue of Food and Wine magazine lists 376 restaurants from around the world that they recommend.  Looking at the Seattle list there are some great choices but nothing surprising or unusual.  I’m guessing that will be the case for most cities.  Still, it’s a great travel reference as you jet around the world! :-) 

I received my copy a day or two ago so it should be on the newsstands soon, if not already. 
  1. ronald permalink
    12-Apr-2006 11:59 am

    Providence Cicero is the local correspondent; she\’s also a freelance reviewer for the Seattle Times. Nice to see Crush and Lark in there, though I wouldn\’t call the Tom Douglas empire "hot" or "don\’t miss." But that\’s what editorial committees do, smooth everything out.

  2. Culinary permalink
    12-Apr-2006 7:05 pm

    Hi Ronald!
    Yes, I generally like Providence\’s reviews and agreed with these.  It just I keep hoping to discover something new when I read Seattle lists – I guess I\’ll just have to stay home more often to make that happen.  :-) 
    I disagree with you about the Douglas restaurants.  I think sometimes we tend to take for granted some of the places that have been around awhile.  I visit most all of his places now and then, and I particularly like The Palace Kitchen and Lola.  Everytime I check out The Palace there is something new.  Not everything is "edgy" but sometimes I think that can be overrated.  I think if you are talking about a place that captures "Seattle" his places are good choices.  It\’s not just the food but the whole package. 
    ~ B

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